Computer security checks

Proceed in the rules of the art

Although a computer station may belong to the company, an employer can not conduct audits if it has not informed its employees that it can do so. This should be an integral part of a directive related to security policy. We must also ensure that we can prove, beyond a doubt, that we have the evidence to apply disciplinary measures. You should be advised by human resources to proceed and not go against a collective agreement or an employment contract. If you had to make a complaint to the police, your evidence must be well documented.

Our approach

Before intervening, CFSSI will do a number of checks with you to ensure that computer checks can be done. She will learn about your security policy, if you have one. She will also ask you if you have had your employees sign a confidentiality notice, and if they have been well informed that you can check on an employee's computer workstation. If this is not the case, this will be the first step that must be taken. Also, she will work with human resources people to make sure everything is done according to the employee's collective agreement or contract of employment that could be at fault. If it deems that a legal opinion should be requested, it will ask you to make a request to your legal advisor, or seek the assistance of a specialized firm. In a second step, it will determine with you the information to be sought, and it will document the verification that must be done. Afterwards, she will present you with a verification plan that you will have to approve. Following your approval, she will perform the computer checks. To close the file, CFSSI will produce a report on how to proceed, on the evidence gathered and the conclusions drawn as a result of the audits carried out.


CFSSI has experience in auditing and has had the opportunity to work with the police to produce evidence. Its systematic approach ensures that evidence is well documented and not altered. In an IT audit, confidentiality and integrity are essential, and meeting with you will convince you that it has the expertise you need.