For any size company, information security is an issue. It is therefore essential to implement adequate security measures and to invest in training and awareness.

CFSSI believes that the best defense is, first and foremost, to train and educate the staff in companies, organizations and schools in order to ensure that better human practices are combined with the implementation of appropriate technological security measures to be well prepared during a computer attack, data theft, etc.

CFSSI is here to advise you and assist you with expertise in this area, its service offer will meet your needs in terms of information security.


CFSSI believes that the information security training and awareness components will be in demand in the coming years. As organization, you will have to make their employees aware that each of them has a role to play in information securty. Like the deployment of technological measures, it will be necessary to put the necessary resources to train and sensitize the personnel of the company.

Adhering to the various laws that govern new information technologies and preparing adequately for more and more targeted cyber attacks requires a fundamental organizational change in information security.


All our services have a customer-centric approach.


To establish a harmonious relationship, CFSSI puts time and energy in order to understand your business needs and offer you solutions adapted to your needs. CFSSI approach, based on listening, is a fundamental value for the company.


CFSSI knows how to adapt to your needs. That's why CFSSI works with you in partnership. You know better than anyone the culture and the operation of your business.


CFSSI, despite its young age, has state-of-the-art expertise in the various fields covered by its service offering. CFSSI aims to share with you its expertise to respond to your business nees and to ensure an optimal security for your organization.


For CFSSI, satisfaction is a fundamental value. We spare no effort to satisfy you.


To establish a trust relationship, it is essential there's transparency between your organization and CFSSI. This is a fundamental value and a constant concern for CFSSI.


Some files must be threat carfully when this ones are highly critical and confidential for the organization. It is an important value to establish a relationship of trust with our customers.