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Information security is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. A few years ago, we talked about it very rarely in a newsletter. This time is over and we are now in the age of cybercrime and the information leakage. These past few months have been rich in news. Here are some examples:

  • Equifax breach: total number of Canadians impacted by cyber attack passes 19,000
  • Don’t get caught in an IoT security nightmare
  • Android security: This newly discovered snooping tool has remarkable spying abilities
  • 'Unfathomable.' Cyberbullying Blamed for Child Model's Suicide
  • Top cyber security predictions for 2018

    CFSSI relies on prevention to help your company or organization to minimize the impact of such events, and thus prevent you from getting into the hot seat. To prepare for this, a company should develop a training and awareness plan, implement security measures tailored to its business needs and be able to manage security incidents.

    CFSSI can help you with training and awareness in information security, security measures and security incident management. Consulting, training, information security awareness - that's what defines CFSSI.