Securing a Unix environment

Control and master Unix

For the uninitiated, a Unix system may seem complex to manage. Does your staff have all the expertise to properly secure your servers? Did you know that even if you are protected against Windows-type viruses, your server or your Unix workstations may have a rootkit? These are questions to consider in determining whether you need external expertise to secure your Unix environments, all flavors together. You have to use the services of experienced people, if you want to prevent your Unix environment from being understood.

Our approach

CFSSI will work with your Unix administrator (s) and use recognized standards and tools to help you assess the safety of your environment. It can also assist you in the implementation and administration of Unix servers, and even train your staff, to make it autonomous. Whether for administering an email server, a name server (DNS), a Web server or services running on Unix, CFSSI will meet your needs.

Expertise at your service

CFSSI has more than 20 years of experience in the administration of Unix servers, and the management of various Unix flavors, such as Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, ConvexOS, MacOS X, True64 ... It knows how to manage a Unix system in command line, set up automatisms, develop "scripts" ... A meeting will suffice to convince you of its expertise.