Securing email

For secure email exchanges

Email is a means of communication that has revolutionized our lives. It is used in every way to plan meetings, exchange documents, and communicate with our loved ones when we are outside. Did you know that communications can be intercepted, which can compromise the confidentiality of certain documents that must remain confidential? How can we be certain that an e-mail we receive has been sent by the person claiming to be the author of the message? How can we protect ourselves from viruses and spam? So many questions that deserve to be answered, and whose risks must be assessed. This is all the more important if you have your own email infrastructure.

Our approach

To properly advise you in this area, you must first determine how you manage your email. If you manage your email infrastructure yourself, we will evaluate its security, and we will make recommendations to you, such as the use of secure protocols, the use of electronic signatures or the establishment of a solution to counter viruses and spam. If the service is offered by an external provider, we will see with you what measures it has put in place to ensure the confidentiality of your email exchanges. All this, CFSSI is doing it with you.

Expertise at your service

CFSSI has many years of experience in email management. Its staff has managed infrastructure containing tens of thousands of email accounts. She has expertise in Unix infrastructures, anti-virus and anti-spam servers. For more information, make an appointment, and CFSSI will meet you to discuss in more detail.