Good measures, in the right places

In the past years, the people who were involved in the implementation of technological solutions, put in place security solutions, but without taking into account the business needs, and especially to verify if this measure was the best. We are installing firewalls, because that will protect us, and the myth is that we will be adequately protected. Can a firewall protect you from a security hole in a web application if you have closed all ports except the one needed for your web server to be available on the Internet? Suppose you have a database on that same server, and there is a security hole on one of your web applications, will you be protected? There is a risk that someone can get data from your database, if a Web application developed by you or your company is not safe. Despite the feeling of security with the setting up of a firewall, this does not guarantee the protection of your database.

Our approach

CFSSI sits down with you to fully understand your business needs, and will work with you to take stock of the security measures in place, or to put in place. In addition, they will be adapted to your environment, and it will ensure that you have the best return on investment. A plan to prioritize these measures will be developed with you so that it aligns with your priorities.

Expertise at your service

CFSSI uses recognized standards, and use the best market practices to give you the best value for money. Contact us to find out more and she can meet you to understand your environment and your needs.